Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bored, AGAIN

So, my mom told me to read her new blogs and I read them of course and I decide I need to write some considering I have only 1 post ...

My parents are out of town for a wedding and it's just my brothers and I at home right now, my sister is somewhere for lunch I think. They are playing "Mario Party 8" on the Wii and I am sitting here listening to their very funny commentary blogging. Very entertaining I must say. Moving on ......

Just to catch up on things (since the last time I blogged I was still in school) I'll tell you about my summer since it's pretty much over anyway. I'll only share the most memorable things.

For starters, I have my permit this summer so I am getting LOADS of practice driving with all of the annoying/slow tourist. I think my mom gets nervous when I drive but she tells me she's fine (lie). I also have been cheering. ALL SUMMER. I had my competition camp at the first of summer, it's theme was "Survivor" and it was very successful, but outside, where it was hot, buggy, humid, and miserable. We got our entire routine though which usually doesn't happen until august when we start school and practice. Here's a little pic for ya

Also this summer I've been babysitting for some money ... then I find something to spend it on and I have to start over. Oh well. I usually spend my money at the movies, or shopping. I've actually been going to the movies a lot this summer. I always go with my aunt Suzanne and uncle Joe. I've never called them that though, they are too close to my age to deserve that title (aunt/uncle) I see them more as my friends anyway. I honestly have hung out with them more this summer than anyone else, but family is important! Especially my mom. I've been walking with my mom, we love to exercise so were perfect for each other. We also eat "traditionals" and stalk her high school crush on facebook every night. Drink 10 diet cokes a day too. She's my best friend :)

The next memorable thing about my summer is my trip to Atlanta! The WHOLE purpose of the trip was shopping which is my forte. Besides shopping, our goal was to find my dress, my moms dress, AND my sisters dress for the Debutante ball in December, my sister is making her debut so her dress was a little harder to find but the job was done. We had a "personal" shopper who helped us find these dresses and other clothes for us to bring back to Pawleys Island, I wanted to bring her home ....

The NEXT most memorable part of my summer was my family trip to ITALY!!! Honestly I have 5 words to describe it. I WANT TO GO BACK. It was so cool (not literally it was actually hot as heck) but it was awesome. When I get older I would like to be an archeologist so seeing the history in person was mind blowing. Although it was hard for me to pay really good attention to the tour guides, I was observing things my way by looking and halfway listening. It's also A LOT of information to take in at once. We also had weird guides so maybe that might be a factor to me not listening .. if it was an attractive male on the other hand .... I would have been sitting criss-cross applesauce on the floor listening like a dog (just not my dogs they don't always listen) :) Anyway, it was my most favorite family vacation ever and I would do it again every summer.

And finally ... I had cheerleading camp. AGAIN. Except this one was inside with minimal air conditioning, for 10 hours a day, for a week. That camp was hell. All we did was YELL cheers and learn dances for the upcoming school year. We had all three cheer teams there (varsity, jv, and b team) which made a total of 71 girls/ cheerleaders. Talk about annoying. Even though it was long and miserable, we had fun in the end.

And now my summer is OVER :( Don't fret though i'll start to blog more!! BYE

~ Teeny

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Third Child to be home sick ...

So I hate writing, english is my least favorite subject so I'm not sure whyyy I am actually blogging. My original plan was to just create a blog account so I could read my mom's and sisters blogs, but then I saw their cute layouts and then I wanted one, and then my page looked to plain, and so here I am writing. I am also home sick, therefore I'm bored. I am actually verryy upset I'm sick because today after school I had gymnastics and I LOVE IT!!! It seriously gets me soooo excited. Also, I am in love with my "instructor" his name is Charlie. He loves me too, I have a strong feeling he does hahaha